Homegrown compost for homegrown plants

The leaves, grass clippings and yard debris Rogue Disposal & Recycling collects during the year all become a nutritious part of Rogue Compost — naturally. From Rogue Fine Compost (OMRI listed for organic use) and Grower’s Blend to Red Bark Mulch and Aged Forest Bark, these all-natural potting soils and mulches work wonders on everything from lawns, flower beds and landscaping to orchards, gardens, vineyards and farms. Buy it by the bag or in bulk — or create your own custom blend.

A natural way to help your garden grow

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  • Made from Rogue Valley leaves, grass and plant materials
  • Improves soil health by providing micronutrients for plant growth
  • Increases moisture retention, which can decrease irrigation requirements
  • Can increase plant productivity, balancing nutrient availability with plant growth
  • Turns poor soil into plant-friendly soil that better absorbs and stores nutrients

Certified Organic Farming

Rogue Compost is created using only materials and formulations that are allowed under the organic standards. Our composts are certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use and exceed national composting standards for pathogen and weed/seed destruction.

Compost Products

Rogue Fine Compost

High quality compost that’s a great seed starter and top dressing for lawns. Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production. Used in gardens, vineyards, landscaping and more.

Product is great for:
Overall compost for multiple uses. Consider using our fine compost as the base of your next custom blend.

Request Compost $28 per yard

Rogue Medium Compost

With its larger particle sizes, mix this compost with existing soil to break up clays and increase porosity. Perfect to protect tree and shrub root zones. Ideal for contractors to use around new homes too. Mix into the top 6” of soil before laying sod or planting seed and you’re on your way to a healthy yard. Not intended as a top dressing.

Product is great for:
Mixing with native soils to improve moisture retention, increase porosity and provide additional organic matter

Request Compost $26 per yard

Grower’s Blend

A unique mix of Rogue Fine Compost, pumice, aged forest bark and other premium ingredients. Great for raised beds and worms love it too! This is a seasonal product with limited supply due to popularity.

Product is great for:
Seasonal crops with high growth potential, such as vegetables in a raised bed.

Request Compost $48 per yard

Grower’s Blend Extreme

This top-of-the-line potting mix substitutes peat for aged bark. Just add water and watch your plants thrive throughout the growing season.

Product is great for:
Seasonal crops that need readily available water in the soil. The addition of peat creates a water reservoir to minimize daily maintenance.

*Available in bulk for delivery only.

Request Compost $144 per yard

Red Bark Mulch

Adding mulch to your landscape can decrease weed emergence and increase irrigation efficiencies. Our Red Bark is a valuable mulch that adds a welcoming contrasting color to your landscape.

Product is great for:
Great for landscaping flower beds.

Request Compost $28 per yard

Compost Pricing

Material Type Bag Cost Bulk Cost
Rogue Fine Compost $4.99 per bag** $28 per yard
Rogue Medium Compost $26 per yard
Grower’s Blend $5.99 per bag** $48 per yard
Grower’s Blend Extreme* $144 per yard
Red Bark $3.99 per bag** $28 per yard

* Available for delivery only, not available for pickup at the Transfer Station.

** Bagged products contain approximately 1 cubic foot of material

Photo Products Making Compost 1100X633

Learn how we turn yard debris into sustainable compost

Start with Rogue Valley tree leaves, grass clippings, deadheaded flowers and other natural plant materials. Remove contaminants and grind the materials to a uniform size. Add water, turn, monitor…and repeat — for 12 to 18 months. Screen to remove any remaining woody debris or contaminants. The result? Nutrient-rich, all-natural Rogue Compost.

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