Let us custom blend a potting mix to suit your specific needs

Looking for a customized potting mix specifically designed for your soil and your needs? Rogue Compost can help. We start with our own top-quality Rogue Compost, created from plant matter right here in the Rogue Valley.

The benefits of custom compost

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  • More uniform homogenous mix
  • 100% local, from right here in the Rogue Valley
  • Helps with water retention or drainage, depending on your blend
  • Perfect mix for your site, your soil, your microclimate and the product you’re growing
  • Amend your soil’s deficiencies and optimize production
  • Can deter garden pests

Your Mix

After starting with our Rogue Compost base, we then follow your customized recipe. Using our custom mixer machinery, we can add in whatever you like. You can either tell us what to buy for you or bring it in yourself. Anything from gypsum, bone meal, peat and coconut coir to Bio-Char, pumice and phosphate. Your recipe, your blend — just the way you want it. The result? A customized potting mix designed to help improve your crop yields by achieving healthier soil.

Blending Services

Custom Soil Blending

Get a custom soil mix specifically designed for your site and growing needs.

Call for a quote specific to your blend

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Base Compost Product

Rogue Fine Compost is most often used as a high quality compost base for Rogue custom blends. Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.

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It starts with your soil

Before we create your custom-blend potting soil, we recommend having your soil tested. Soil testing can determine nutrient content, composition, acidity or pH level and more. Soil testing can also take the guesswork out of how to fix any issues you’re having with your soil, providing the information necessary for maintaining optimal growing conditions each year. At Rogue Compost, we typically refer customers to the Soil Doctor for input on specific blends.

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Adding fertilizer to the mix

Another option for customization is to add the fertilizer of your choice directly into the potting mix — eliminating the need to spread the mix and the fertilizer separately.

Get a custom blending quote.

Give us a call at 541.301.1873 and we will discuss your specific needs and provide you with a cost estimate for your custom blend.

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